Recognition – International Photography Festival in León (2016)

My photograph entitled “The Red Knight” was recognized by the jury of the first edition of the International Festival of Photography in León 2016. It is the first time I receive an award in an international photo contest, so this mention fills me with happiness and pride and tells me I’m on the right track.

This photo, like all others, has its history. This hermit crab was very difficult to photograph. It is a small animal of no more than 5 cm long and is seen mostly at night. Unfortunately, the diving conditions were terrible that day because there was a very strong current that shook us from one side to the other over a sandy bottom cover with sea urchins. In this coming and going I only had just a few seconds to focus and frame. After several attempts I was able to get the image, but not without paying the price of taking in my legs several urchins spines! Ouchh!