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10 June, 2019

The cave of the hanging snakes

The planet Earth still keeps wonderful and unexplored places, species and natural phenomena. About a year and a half ago I heard about the...

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9 June, 2019

My encounter with royalty

Since I began to getting involve with the world of bird sightings lovers in the Yucatan Peninsula, I quickly realized that there are certain...

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8 June, 2019

The inmersed bicycle

ow long does you take to take a picture? Is a question that I usually receive. There are images that occur very fast, as...

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7 June, 2019

Exhibition “Naturally Mexico” – COP13, CANCUN

On December 8, 9 and 10, 2016, I was in Cancún, where the 13th United Nations Conference on Biodiversity (COP13) was held, as well...

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6 June, 2019

Recognition – International Photography Festival in León (2016)

My photograph entitled “The Red Knight” was recognized by the jury of the first edition of the International Festival of Photography in León 2016....

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5 June, 2019

The show of the humpback whales

Bubble Net Feeding In Alaska we had the privilege to witness this singular humpback whales behavior. When herring and other small schooling fish abound...

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